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Books by Evans:

Dick Evans has been in the tech industry for more than forty years. Beginning his career in the 60's on IBM mainframes, he has been a Programmer, a Data Processing Manager (now called Information Systems Manager), a Consultant, a Teacher, and a Writer.


In the early days of computers, Dick was programming IBM 1401's using Autocoder. Later on he founded a users group in New England for users the IBM System/3s using the RPG programming language, which is still in operation today. And he formed a Wang users group in Rhode Island for Wang VS computers. He was later involved with the NEMUG group, the users group for IBM Midrange computers. He served on the board and as president of those groups and Webmaster NEMUG until 2009. 


He has been published in a number of computer publications and spoken at conferences here in the US and abroad. He is currently retired from the faculty at Rhode Island College and consulting/writing part time, holding teaching seminars, and maintaining a number of Web sites. He maintains a blog with technical “stuff”, this Computing Web site at, and a ministry site at


He has authored a number of technical articles and books the last of which were “Advanced Office 2007”, a textbook which he used when teaching at Rhode Island College,  “Quick and Easy Web Sites, a step by step book on creating a simple site. and a new book on Kindle called "Windows Tips".


He still helps people with their computer issues and he does house calls. Email your questions or give him a call.


FREE Training monthly in SW Florida at the Charlotte County Computer Group and in Port Charlotte November-May at the Mid County Regional Library and once a month at Heritage Oak Park in Port Charlotte and in Englewood Florida.


Also available in Monticello, KY June-September.

Advanced Office 2007 : A Working Textbook

A working textbook meant to be used with a college course in Advanced Office 2007. Filled with Tips and Techniques, it is great as a standalone reference.


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Quick and Easy Web Sites

This book describes the method I use to build simple Web sites. I use FrontPage 2003, but other applications could be used. I believe you will find this instructional book easy to follow and a worthwhile addition to your tool bag.

Windows Tips


A series of tips for using Microsoft Windows by consultant Dick Evans. This book is not a basic how to book. It is filled with short tips on getting more out of the Windows experience. Ways to use the computer to get a task accomplished you may not have seen before. Filled with shortcuts and techniques, you will pick this up time and again. Yes, the tips work for XP, Vista and 7.


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