Building a Website

by Dick Evans

I believe my hosting company, offers the best options for creating and maintaining a site. But first lets take a look at some free options. allows you to create a blog site at no cost. They offer a number of useful templates to choose from and make it easy to add pages to the site turning it into a website with a blog instead of just a blog.

You address would be with  yourname being whatever you like as long as it has not already been used by someone else. Here is an example of a website built using blogger. 

If you are a church or Christian fellowship, I offer a free site on Your address would be I would set up the site and maintain it, You would bave no access to doing so yourself. This is usually a good option for getting a presence on the web, but requiring little in the way of maintenance.

Here is an example of one of these free sites: is a site that allows you to build a free site on their servers. Your address would be The building is pretty easy with the many templates they have available to choose from.

Here is an example of a free Weebly site: is another fee one that is easy to build using their many templates. Like the others, you address would be

Here is an example of one of their sites: 

With Evans Hosting you purchase a domain name right up front for $15 a year. So you address is You also will have a business site with unlimited space for $5 a month. So total annual cost is $75. This includes email addresses with your domain name.

You can add your own domain name to the free ones, but at a higher annual cost. Adding a domain name for a blogger site cost from $10-$15 per year through Evans Hosting. If you want your own domain name it will cost $30 per year. Weebly offers it for $40 per year. Webstarts is less at $30 per year.