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Setting Up and Using the Xelio Tablet: The low end 7" Xelio tablet is a great buy. However, it does not come with the Google Play Store app. This white paper will walk you through setting up the tablet and installing Google Play. Click here to read.

OUTLOOK EMAIL: For those of you who have been "forced" in the new by Microsoft, here is a white paper on how to do some typical tasks in outlook like forwarding and email and printing it. Click here to read.

White paper on Computer Maintenance. Click here to read

Recovering Data from a Broken Computer 

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Date Topic Training/Talks Notes and Handouts
1-10-2013 Mozy Mozy is a free backup service that runs in the background always keeping your important files safe. We will discuss how to use this service in conjunction with other software to enable you to restore your system from a crash or to even get back a file you have recently lost.

Class Notes on Mozy and Backing Up

1-24-2013 Web Presence
in 5 minutes

You do not need any formal training to build a one page informational site and it does not cost anything. If you have your laptop with you, you will leave with your own site up and running. Everyone will leave with all they need to create it at home in minutes.

Class Notes

2-7-2013 Some Computer
We will talk about some shortcuts that can make using your computer no matter what OS you have, XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

Class Notes

2-21-2013 Using your PC
as a Phone
Using Google Voice you can make free voice calls and texting anywhere in the US right from your PC. Use Skype or iCall to both replace your phone and be a way to video conference with others. Will also discuss ways to replace your twisted pair phone with cheaper alternatives like Vonage, OOMA, and Magic Jack.

Class Notes

Article from Google on adding the Phone to your Gmail screen


Working with
We will take  a journey with a picture from taking it on a digital camera, to getting it over to the computer. Then what to do from there starting with how to rename the camera’s strange names and file them away so we can find them later. Then we will look at doing something with the pictures like adjusting them for content (cropping), fixing colors, and adding captions. And MUCH MORE...

Class Notes


3-7-2013 Remote Access Get to your computer wherever you go. With free remote access from LogMeIn, you can remotely control your PC, anytime, with just an Internet connection. You can access all your files, send emails and run all your computer applications as if you're sitting right in front of it — even if you're nowhere near it.

Just need to access a friends computer to help out? Then try the free Join.Me from LogMeIn. Live demonstration of both ways to access your computer from a remote site.

Class Notes

3-21-2013 Scanning The basics of scanning images and documents into your computer and what to do with them after they are scanned. Most printers today, even the less expensive ones, include a scanner. Learn how to use it to take those old photographs and turn them into digital images. And what about that pile of paper that builds each year. Learn about scanning them into digital documents and how to organize them for later retrieval.

Class Notes  Steps to Scanning (added 7-28-2013)

4-4-2013 Email

No matter which email carrier you use, the functions are similar. But there is more to it than just reading and answering email. We will answer the questions about attaching files, including pictures, printing emails, cleaning up emails, using BCC, creating groups of contacts, and more.

Download programs used in class

Class Notes

4-18-2013 Internet We all use the Internet every day. But are we letting it use us? There are many time saving shortcuts that are great to know. There are many different browsers to use like IE, FF, Chrome, Opera, and more. Why just use IE? What to do with all those extra toolbars that creep into our daily use of the Internet. Can we just get rid of them? What about tabs; are we using them to our advantage? And more...

Class Notes

5-2-2013 PhotoStory Using PhotoStory to create a movie from still pictures and uploading it to YouTube.

Class Notes Photo Story 3     View the Class Project

5-23-2013 Using the Cloud Working in the cloud. What is the cloud? And after understanding what it is, a look at various applications that can be used without downloading and installing on your computer. Having access to your information no matter whose computer you are on.

Class Notes

5-30-2013 Back to Basics
Part 1 of 4
We are going to spend the next 5 weeks getting back to basics. And I mean starting with what a computer is and how to use all the buttons and things attached to it. Bring your questions and let's stop assuming you know the basics. There is no dumb question so if you do not know something, just ask.

Class Notes

6-6-2013 CANCELED due to Tropical Storm Andrea

6-13-2013 Back to Basics
Part 2 of 4

More on using Windows and getting to know your computer configuration - XP, Vista, 7 an 8! Even looked at using a Virtual Machine and a working system using the Linux OS. And more...

Class Notes

6-20-2013 Back to Basics
Part 3 of 3
More Basics using Windows as it relates to using the Internet. Searching the Web, Finding "stuff", Copying and/or printing from a Web page, remembering where you were searching yesterday, staying away from "bad" sites when downloading programs, and more.

Class Notes

6-27-2013 PDF's All about PDF's. What are they? Why would I want to create them? What can I do with them? Can I change them? Can I copy stuff from them? Can I convert them to some other format and why would I want to do that? That is the first hour. After that is an open question and answer period. Bring your computer and your questions.

Class Notes



More Picture
Will get back into cropping and cleaning up pictures; even those taken from a Web page like Facebook. Then we will be looking at storing pictures (and anything else) so you can locate them later by understanding how to create folders and rename files on your hard disk. And finally how to back them up by storing copies in the cloud.

Class Notes

No class on July 4th -- Enjoy the holiday!

New format each week:
2-3 Topic TBA each week
3-4 Open Forum for questions

7-11-2013 Word
No matter what type of an Office suite you use, the basics of word processing are the same. Let's see what we can do with our word processor wither it is Microsoft, Google Docs, LibreOffice, OpenOffice or one of the many other choices. Bring your questions and learn some basics you can use right away.

Class Notes Slide Show

7-18-2013 Blogs We have probably heard the term, but may not know what it is all about. We will take a look at some blogs and even learn how to create one for free. No prior experience needed to make one or to post new items to you blog.

Class Notes

7-25-2013 Using
eBay is a great place for finding bargains, but it is also a good way to pick up some extra cash by selling some of those items that have been hanging around the house for years. Learn how to post an item, how to receive payment safely, and how to ship your items.

Class Notes (Additional notes on Blog site)

8-1-2013 Spreadsheet
No experience necessary. And you do not need to be a math wiz or an accountant. Find out why a spreadsheet could be useful to you. No need to have Excel on your computer. There are a number free options to obtaining the software needed to take advantage of spreadsheets.

Class Notes Download Sample Spreedsheet

8-8-2013 Speech Being able to talk the computer to execute commands and let it type what you say. Also letting the computer read what is on the screen to you or even read an article or a book. All using Windows and Word.

Class Notes

8-15-2013 Presentation
Creating presentations using PowerPoint, OpenOffice, and G-drive. Learn how to build a presentation, the basics, and more. Create a slide show of your pictures. Include videos. Animate slides and more.

Class Notes

9-12-2013 Potpourri Will discuss a number of topics to look at like buying safely on the Internet, letting someone else control my computer, do I need a new computer, Is XP still a usable OS, should I get a tablet?

Class Notes

9-19-2013 Capture Those Memories How can we get those old cassette tapes transferred to a CD.DVD? And while we are at it, what about those old home movies we have recorded on VHS tapes? Can we get those onto a CD/DVD as well? Can we easily put those old picture albums on CD/DVD as well?

Class Notes

9-26-2013 Practical Stuff This week we will cover a few practical things like understanding email a little more. Should I have a battery backup? What use is it? Why backup my computer if I never save anything on it? Should I still be running AOL? Create and broadcast your own internet radio station.

Class Notes

10-3-2013 Programs that come with Windows We talk a lot about the cloud and the apps that can be both run in the cloud or the ones that are freely downloaded to our computer. But what about the one that are already on our computer, the one that are included within the Windows package? Whether you have XP, Vista, 7,or 8 there are a number of places you may never have gone.

Class Notes

10-10-2013 Word Stuff

Part I

A review of using Microsoft Word, some tips and shortcuts. For all version of Word 97-2003 through Word 2013.

Class Notes



Word Stuff

Part II

A review of using Microsoft Word to print envelopes, labels, and do a mail merge. And using and creating  templates. For all version of Word 97-2003 through Word 2013.

YouTube video on creating a template

YouTube vide on on MailMerge

Class Notes

10-24-2013 Social Networking Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision, if you will. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online. We will discuss the six most popular ones: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Most of the time will spent on Facebook -- why you should use it and how to use it safely.

Class Notes

10-31-2013 Greeting Cards

It is getting near to that time of year. And I mean the sending of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, as well as other types of cards to family and friends. Why not use our computers to generate the cards and even send some by email to save postage? I will have a printer at the class so we can see the results.

Class Notes

11-5-2013 Let's Talk Backup

Hands on demonstration of EaseUS backup creating an image of a computer. Also a look at a couple of Cloud Backups to run in between image creations. Will also demonstrate the maintenance  tools used to keep a computer clean and running fast.

Class Notes

11-7-2013 Excel Tips and Tricks

Will be looking at Excel Tips and Tricks for the first hour. You will be surprised what you can do with Excel even if you have never looked at it. And you will pick up a few new tricks even if you have been using it for years. It will be a fun time for all. Join us!

Class Notes

11-14-2013 Retro We have had a few suggestions for this weeks class. They are all regarding some topics we have already covered over the past few months. But that is fine as many missed those sessions or even still have questions about them. So plan on getting more into Facebook, Blogs, Resizing Photos, and AntiVirus Options. It should be a fun couple of hours. Come with your questions on the above topics or anything else and we will answer them as best we can.

Class Notes

11-21-2013 HTML Basics
and More
What are these HTML codes and where can I use them? Also, step by step scanning a document and emailing it to someone else.

Class Notes

11-28-2013 NO CLASS Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


12-5-2013 Let's Talk Internet Will look at different browsers and talk about using the Internet safely and how to locate Web sites using the browser and the address bar. And what is this http all about?

Class Notes

12-12-2013 Burning CDs How do we use these CD/DVD drives we have on our computers. What are these CD-R and CD-RW designations all about? How can we backup some of our stuff to CD's (or DVD's). Can we copy a CD or DVD? Will the CD I make work in my CD player?

Class Notes

12-19-2013 File Management


Let's talk about files and folders and type of files and how to find things and how to copy and move them and more... 

Class Notes

12-26-2013 Open

Open Forum:  Skype, Removing a Printer, Dropbox, Locknote, and what I use to maintain my computer

Class Notes



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